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Non-Orbit Tapping Electrode, POCO, EDM-3 is made out of graphite for use with Sinker EDM machines and is ideal for nearly all tapping applications including standard, orbiting, and pipe tap electrodes.

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SST Consumables stocks a wide variety of tapping electrodes covering the full spectrum of tapping applications including a variety of electrode materials for standard, orbiting and pipe tap electrodes.

Graphite and copper graphite are the most commonly used materials for tapping electrodes for Sinker EDM machines and apply to almost all potential applications. Copper graphite is mostly recommended when burning into carbide or aerospace alloys.

Tapping Electrodes
Material Poco-3
English/Metric Metric
Size 6.0X1.0
Type - Orbiting/Non-Orbiting Non-Orbiting
Length (in) 6
Thread Length (in) 5
Flush Hole 1
Packaging Quantity 1 each

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