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EX, U-Pin Style, #835, .9 Cuft is a deionized resin that works together with standard wire EDM water filters to elimitate or decrease dissolved as well as solid contaminants. It is made domestically via a batch process that separates the anion from the cation beads. This recycled resin is cleaned, rinsed, remixed and ready to use—providing a more economical option over virgin resin.


SST Consumables offers a complete range of deionization resin products for all Wire EDM machines. DI Resins used in Wire EDM machines are typically mixed-bead resins, meaning that both the anion and cation exchange resins are mixed together in a single cartrige or tank. The cation and anion resin beads absorb dissolved mineral solids that contaminate the water dielectric. These contaminants are generated during the normal cutting process on a Wire EDM machine, but can also be introduced when filling up the machine's water reservoir with tap or well water. The levels of dissolved minerals and contaminants need to be kept below a certain threshold in order to obtain satisfactory cutting results, finish, and dimensional tolerances. The deionization resin works together with standard water filters on a Wire EDM to eliminate or decrease dissolved as well as solid contaminants.

Regenerated resin is the most commonly used form of deionization resin used in the EDM industry. It is made domestically via a batch process which takes used, exhausted resin, separates the anion from the cation beads, and extracts the absorbed metals and contaminants using a chemical process. The recycled resin is then cleaned, rinsed and remixed so it can be used again. All this is done in accordance with all applicable environmental regulations. This recycling process makes regenerated resin a more economic choice over virgin resin.

Resin Products
Resin Type Regenerated Resin
Volume (cuft) 0.9
Bottle Diameter 8”
Bottle Height (in) 35
Packaging Quantity 1

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