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VISE B - 100 / 15 - R is made in South Korea with the highest quality Japanese HPM38 tool steel--resulting in a high quality and cost effective workholding solution.


Zero Point Tooling is made in South Korea with highest quality HPM38 tool steel made by Hitachi in Japan. It is available for Wire EDM applications only and is the perfect solution for shops that are looking to improve their productivity by adding cost efficient and high quality clamping and workholding devices.

Workholding: Note Adjustable in the ZX,ZY plane and C-axis by adjustment screws on the Leveling Base 3D(ZP-024030). Maximum tightening torque : 7Nm
Workholding: Max Load(kg) 3
Workholding: Features One movable and one fixed jaw, ground and corrosion-resistant
Workholding: Max Load(lbs) 6.6
Workholding: Application Lateral clamping of workpieces of 0 - 100mm from the outside.
Workholding: Weight(kg) 0.9
Workholding: Weight(lbs) 1.98
Workholding: Assembly To be fitted to the Leveling base 3D (ZP-024030)
Workholding: Range 0 - 100mm

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