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GammaX 0.010 475 N/mm2 Din 160 17.6lb


Gamma X High Performance Coated EDM Wire is a patented, proprietary wire made under private label for Single Source Technologies by Thermocompact in France.

Gamma X High Performance Coated EDM Wire consists of a pure copper core which is coated with an intermediate layer of β-phase brass and a proprietary outer layer of γ-phase brass. The patented proprietary γ-phase coating is a discontinuous layer of Cu35Zn65 brass which promotes efficient cutting due to its high zinc content, tenacious bond to the core material, and flushing assist provided by the “porous” nature of the discontinuous coating. The pure copper core provides for highly efficient energy transfer to the cut. Cutting speed increases of up to 20% over traditional “X” type wires have been observed.

Gamma X High Performance Coated EDM Wire provides dramatically increased cutting speeds in nickel alloy and aerospace applications in most machine brands when compared with plain brass wire. Speed increases of up to 100% have been documented in certain titanium applications. Gamma X High Performance Coated EDM Wire is available in a wide range of diameters, spool sizes, and spool weights.

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