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topas® H.E.A.T. is a high performance EDM wire specially developed with Makino for wire EDM machines with H.E.A.T. option

H.E.A.T. (High Efficiency Applied Technology) is a Makino technology that reduces cutting times while maintaining exceptional part straightness with one- or two-pass cutting accuracy. 

While originally designed for Makino machines, topas® H.E.A.T. EDM wire has proven to run well across a variety of machining platforms such as Sodick, Mitsubishi or Fanuc and offers a new benchmark of productivity suited for various applications:

  • Cutting-off 3D printed parts

  • Difficult to machine alloys like nickel alloys

  • Tall mold and die parts

  • Tall machine parts

  • up to 90% speed increase vs. 0.010” Ø brass wire

  • Innovative coating technology allows for top cutting speed with reduced wire speed and hence low wire cost

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