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Hitachi High Performance EDM Wire

Hitachi EDM wire, the industry standard of excellence for more than forty-two years, is getting a new name: PROTERIAL.


The new name, developed to better represent the company's corporate philosophy, is a contraction of:


  • Professional - Work that exceeds expectations
  • Progressive -A  spirit that embraces challenges
  • Proactive - An enterprising attitude


  • Material - High performance materials focused on solving customer issues and bringing new levels of value

So, what's changed besides the name on the spools and the box?

Absolutely Nothing!

PROTERIAL EDM wire is the same great HBZ-K wire with a new name!


PROTERIAL wire is produced:

  • In the same factory- Hitachi city lbaraki, Japan
  • From the same raw material - Proprietary specifications are unchanged
  • On the same equipment
  • By the same staff


PROTERIAL EDM wire will continue to be imported and supported by GSI Exim America and distributed by SST Consumables.


The name change will be effective for EDM Wire produced beginning in 2023.

As a manufacturer of premium brass EDM wires, Hitachi is one of the most well-known names in the EDM industry.  Hitachi's reputation is based on a level of consistency and quality in its product line and is unmatched by other brands in the industry. Only pristine virgin raw materials are used in the manufacturing of Hitachi Brass wire. It has virtually no paraffin which helps it to run very clean and without causing any brass build-up in a Wire Machine's guide system. The use of natural diamond dies in the final drawing steps of the manufacturing process leads to a superior, extremely consistent and smooth wire surface.  Hitachi EDM Wire is made with a CuZn40 (60% copper, 40% zinc) brass alloy which, due to its higher zinc content, allows for faster cutting speed than brass wires made with a CuZn37 or CuZn35 alloy. Hitachi Metals has a fully vertically integrated manufacturing line where casting, drawing, spooling and packaging of the product are all done internally guaranteeing the highest quality control and consistency.

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