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Brass Sumitomo SBS 0.010 1000N/mm2 Din160 is manufactured exclusively for Single Source Technologies and only uses Japanese-made virgin raw materials. It is a zinc-enriched, paraffin-free CuZn35 (65% copper, 35% zinc) brass alloy and provides excellent straightness for improved autothreading and superior surface integrity without scratches or dents.


Sumitomo Premium Brass EDM wire is manufactured exclusively for Single Source Technologies. Sumitomo has been manufacturing to the highest quality standards since 1983 and is globally known as one of the premier and leading producers of EDM brass wire. Sumitomo only uses Japanese-made virgin raw materials and each of its manufacturing facilities is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
Sumitomo Brass Wires exhibit excellent straightness for improved auto threading and have the highest surface integrity which produces a very smooth surface without dents or scratches. This helps to prevent brass build-up in the guide system. With using optimal take-up tension during the winding process, Sumitomo brass wire spools will unwind reliably and consistently helping to create an uninterrupted production run with minimal wire breaks.
All Sumitomo brass wires have been developed in close collaboration with well-renowned Japanese Wire EDM machine manufacturers to provide optimum machine performance. They are manufactured to be paraffin free which helps to prevent built-up of debris in the machine's guide system.

Sumitomo SBS is a paraffin-free CuZn35 (65% copper, 35% zinc) brass alloy EDM wire available in a wide variety of diameters, spool sizes, and spool weights. It is manufactured to a tensile strength of 1,000 N/mm2 Sumitomo SBS EDM wire is widely used as an economical alternative to OKI Type P wire.
It is recommended for use on GFMS AgieCharmilles, Mitsubishi, and Charmilles machines.

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