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EDM Resin

Deionization Products and Services

SST is the industry leader in providing a full range of DI products and services for the EDM industry. SST provides a combination of products, services, and technical support that help the end user maximize machine performance while opimizing cost and minimizing environmental liability exposure.


SST carries a full line of resin—ranging from economy to high end—that can be used to effectively treat the conductivity level in the water of wire EDM machines.

What is deionized water and why is it important for the Wire EDM process?

Normal municipal or well water contains dissolved mineral salts. These dissolved mineral salts form ions which are electrically charged atoms or molecules. Ions have either a positive ("Cations") or negative (Anion") charge which causes the electrical conductivity of the water to increase. Higher conductivity has a negative effect on the EDM process as it will lead to a less controlled electrical discharge between the wire ("electrode") and the workpiece. This will impact cutting speed and surface finish. 

Ion exchange resins are used to exchange non desirable anions and cations with hydrogen (H+) and hydroxide (OH-) ions. The H+ and OH- ions instantly combine to form H2O or water.


Types of ion exchange resin for the EDM industry

Regenerated Resin

Regenerated is used by approximately 80% of the industry. Regenerated resin are a more popular choice since regenerated resin typcially provides 85% the life of virgin resin at significantly lower cost. Our regenerated resin is one of the best in the industry due to its better life and water quality.

Virgin Resin

Virgin resin is used when the application calls for a tight tolerance and best water quality. Some EDM Wire machines also specify the use of Virgin resin in order to operate with lower conductivity of the dielectric water. Our resin is one of the best in the industry due to better life and water quality.

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